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    Nov 2002
    Where else? The Airport!

    Jeremy_Schmidt claims his lilypad!

    Congratulations on completing your First Workunit.

    To Team 734


    To use the counter above in your sig simple copy paste the code above to your profile -
    (USERCP/ edit signature) replacing the {} with []
    If u have any question's or anything folding related please feel free to post away.

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    Get to know your Team links

    Folding Frogs US map

    Thread for map additions
    If you want to be added to the map post in this thread with your
    Name,State,Zipcode and you will be added ASAP.

    The Folding Frogs Home page
    Be sure to checkout the Members page

    Links to some helpful Folding Tools

    Folding Frogs First timers Folding@Home Set-up Guide
    If your having troubles or just want to double check your setup check this thread out.

    Stanford serverstats
    Commonly used for problematic upload's or download's

    Protein Summary
    Here you will find such things as Workunit point value's and deadline's.

    Links to different Stats pages

    Personal Stanford stats
    Here you will find certificate's awarded to you from Stanford for WU's and points completed.

    Stanford Team stats
    Here you can find Team Stats

    Extreme Overclocking Stats
    Here you can find stats for different teams

    Extreme Overclocking Personal Stats
    Here you can get your own personal stats

    Coolrunr Stats
    This is my prefered link for team stats. (Complements of coolrunr)

    Join the official "Folding frogs" user group
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    Get your own Folding Frogs case badge
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    May 2002
    COV, UK

    Re: Jeremy_Schmidt claims his lilypad!

    Congrats Jeremy on your 1st WU
    And welcome to the Pond
    You might just get the bug a bit and try and get more ers on the go like many of us have!!

    4 x Asus x99 E WS
    Crapload of mem and various Cpu's
    Lost count of Gpu's
    I give up!

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    Feb 2001
    near the sea-port of Antwerp, Belgium

    Cool Re: Jeremy_Schmidt claims his lilypad!

    Congrats to Jeremy_Schmidt

    for finishing his 1st WU and for joining the Folding Frogs of Team 734 !

    Fold with what you have, Every Work Unit will make a difference.

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    Jun 2003

    Re: Jeremy_Schmidt claims his lilypad!

    anybody named Jeremy kicks ass in my book, smart parents if you ask me
    Low Speed, High Drag!
    Formerly a team 734 Folding Frog. (Might start up again soon)

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