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    Dec 2000

    Re: Can anyone help get this working?

    Well theres a couple of issues.

    First make sure the DHCP range excludes the routers ip address.

    IE, set the router to, and set the DHCP range to start at

    The mac addres for the NIC looks like its wrong, try uninstalling the NIC driver, reboot and re-install.

    You may also need to do a "netsh int ip reset reset.txt", then reboot.

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    Mar 2002
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    Re: Can anyone help get this working?

    I have managed to get it working now with a big thanks to the advice given.

    I went into the Bios and checked the nVidia ethernet settings. It had the nVidia Lan MAC address disabled for some reason. I enabled this and saved and exited and then went back into the Bios to check it again. It was disabled yet again. Anyone know why this keeps becoming disabled?

    So I went to the next field to enter a new MAC address, I entered the number that appears on my AGP port, there are two 12 digit hex numbers there, so I entered the first one. If you remember or look back at the pictures, the physical address was set to FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF for some reason. After setting and saving and exit. I went back into the Bios to check whether it was disabled again and it was. Anyway I booted windows and the yellow exclamation on my nVidia ethernet port in the tray had disappeared and I could access web pages from my browser.

    I did reconfigure the speedtouch after this to what Bryan said, setting the speedtouch address to and the DHCP range to to

    Here are two more images to show the result of changing the MAC address

    So after nearly a month it is finally working Now I must work out what this hardware firewall is meant to do. Any idea what the NAT manager is meant to do? Is a hardware firewall in any way configurable or does it just do it's job without any user intervention?
    I suppose if all else fails I could read the documentation. lol

    A few details about my connection I found:

    DSL Flavour = ADSL over POTS
    Reserved Bandwidth (kbit/s) up/down = 288 / 1152

    Output Power (dBm) up/down = 11.0 / 14.0
    Attenuation (dB) up/down = 25.0 / 48.5
    Noise Margin (dB) up/down = 27.0 / 30.0

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    Dec 2000

    Re: Can anyone help get this working?

    As each router is a it different its best to check your documentation.

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