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    Jun 2001

    Re: Possible solution to help incidents of child abuse go down

    Google recent studies on abstinence based programs and come back on here and talk. As I have mentioned here many times (including before you were a member), sex education programs in many parts of the US have been subverted by special interest groups who don't want to give children the most effective sex education. Other countries where a more enlightened approach to sex education is used have a much lower rate of teenage pregnancy. Programs that tell children that sex is bad and that their only solution is to not have it plain don't work and lead children down risky paths. Take the onus upon yourself to educate yourself please about this issue before you put forth opinions that aren't backed by fact. Again, please use the search button. This issue has been rehashed several times over on here.

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    Sep 2004
    Washington, DC

    Re: Possible solution to help incidents of child abuse go down

    We've been down this road before. I'm perfectly capable of using google, and if I'm going to present something as anything other than my opinion, I try to have a link for it. At this point, you're repeating what you've been saying the whole thread and refusing to back anything up. I'd refute your claims, but none of them have anything substantial at this point to refute.

    As I mentioned before, I don't think you can say abstinence-based programs are a failure because overall teen pregnancy is up, unless it's a statisitc of only those people who attended abstinence based classes. Similarly, I find the logic flawed that you insist that well-rounded sex education works, but, as you point out, teen pregnancy is on the rise.


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