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    Jul 2001
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    Question Looking for Pocket PC .....

    Hey there,

    It's good to be back, I know its been a while. I haven't been much into the Pocket PC
    area since I really didn't have much need for it. However, I am finding myself needing the
    capability more and more. I travel alot, and right now the Mrs. has the laptop to take care
    of the bills and all since I will be out of pocket a while (No pun intended ).
    What I am looking for is this:

    1) Wireless (802.11b or more)
    2) Windows Media player since I would like to be able to listen to music or watch movies.
    3) If there is some capability to plug it into a lan jack I will take that as well. (Haven't seen it yet)
    4) If it is not to much to ask, then maybe phone as well.
    5) This is just if it is possible, as you all know it's coming...yes, a camera. Nothing fancy
    * I do not mind buying more memory if needed.

    I am gone so much lately being able to keep in touch with the family has become
    increasingly important to me.

    If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all again, you have always helped me out so much before.


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    Dec 2000

    Re: Looking for Pocket PC .....

    Try an HP rx3715.

    You can use a wireless bridge in order to connect to wired lan, as for dialup access if you have a cellphone that supports bluetooth and use as a modem then you can setup the pocketpc to go thorugh it.

    Otherwise you may want to look into Pocket PC phone edition.

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