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So here's the new theory from the left... if a Republican sells stocks that devalue afterwards, there's insider trading going on. C'mon Dragon, you can do better than that. I suppose Republicans that win at roulette know where the ball's gonna land, eh?
Gimme a break Dutch.....there's a whole lot more goin on here than that...did yo read the article? I doubt it cuz I know you don't bother reading jr's posts but if you did then maybe you would know what I was talking about.....family cronyism, history of defending why he kept the stocks vs. all of a sudden dumping them before the stock tanks....Bueller?

I don't have to prove anything.....not my job.....looks awfully shady though, if u ask me.

And no, it has nothing to do with repub vs. dem......if a dem were in this situation it'd be the same story from me.