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    Aug 2005

    Networking Question

    Ok heres the deal, i dont know much about networking or anything like that coz i havent done it before or anything.

    so heres what i wanna do:

    i have one PC downstairs and one upstairs, the downstairs PC has ADSL internet on it with a little external modem.

    but i also want the PC upstairs to have the internet also, and ive been told that wireless networking is the way to go.

    so could anyone be so kind as to tell me exactly what i need, and i exactly how i would go about setting it all up.

    replies would be dearly appreciated, thanks, Aaron.

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    Jan 2002
    South Suburbs of Chicago

    Re: Networking Question

    Wireless is easier, but not better.

    It would be better if you could run a CAT5 cable down to the other computer. A direct cabled connection is faster and more secure. If you ever installed phone lines or TV antenna wire in your house then it's the same idea.

    You'll need to buy a router. Get a wireless one even if you decide to use the CAT5 cable. Then you are ready if you ever want to connect a wireless device later. The router will connect to the DSL modem and will actually handle the PPPOE connection (the logging in part) the PC is currently doing. The router will give you major security benefits as well.

    So the DSL modem connects to the WAN port on the router and then the two PCs will connect to the switch ports on the router. It's pretty easy to configure the routers these days.

    If you do decide to go wireless, you still connect the router to the modem. The PC near the modem is still connected with a CAT5 cable directly to the router. Then the remote PC needs to have a wireless card installed and would connect to the router that way.

    Wireless easier (no cable to run).
    Cabled connection better (faster, more secure).
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