This guy was arrested by the Lake Mary Police department and the Seminole County Sherrifs office about a few weeks ago.

I followed up my getting ripped off by reading pcperspective and maximumpc forums and getting the contact information. There were several people who I wish to thank, and that is Detective Kim Fuehrer who made the arrest and her entire police department. Also Tina Pappas is the assistant district attorney is prosecuting the case. I spoke with her today and she informed me that the perp is about 27 years old and had no prior convictions. So far, only 2 people have come forward, but that she expects more to come forward. She can be reached at (407) 665-6213 if you wish to speak to her about you being ripped off by him. Expect to follow up by filing a police report and mailing and faxing all other documents she will need to prosecute. She said he will be required to pay off those he stole from and may get probation due to being a first timer. But, if enough people come forward, then the judge may not let him off so easily. It is not a guarentee that he will get probation or not. It is just an option that the courts have, so don't call District attorney and make a deal about him getting off on probation.

He used his real name, Richner, but gave a fake address with me.

Anyway, the guy is caught. And I might get my money back. $410. I thought I was getting a 4400 X2 chip.