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    Apr 2002
    Akron, Ohio

    Exclamation ~~~Safe Trading Guidelines~~~ New Trader Ratings Feature Now Available!

    greetings all

    we have a new tool for you traders to use in any of the trading forums. it is called Trader Ratings. it works kind of like heatware...but not

    what it does is allow you to rate a person you buy/sell/trade with/from according to how you feel the deal went down. you can leave positive, neutral, or negative feedback. each users rating is displayed on the main page as well as in posts in a users info area. by clicking the will take you to that persons ratings page.

    the trader ratings home page:

    when you leave feedback for someone...a url to the thread where the deal took place is REQUIRED. it is your responsibility to leave feedback on a deal. if someone leaves you feedback...return the favor. misuse of this system will result in your account being suspended/revoked. this system is based on trust...dont abuse that trust. this system is not meant to replace heatware or any other tool. it is an ADDITONAL tool to use.

    A quick edit that has come up a couple times recently. IN ORDER FOR FEEDBACK TO BE LEFT MONEY OR GOODS MUST EXCHANGE HANDS! You cannot leave a negative feedback for soemone backing out of a deal. If you have a problem with a user please contact myself or another Trading Moderator.

    Crazy Chuckster

    if you have any questions regarding this system...or you notice any bugs or oddities...please notify a trading mod or myself.

    with that said...enjoy
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