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    Jun 2004

    Wireless PCI card - Connection Issues.

    G'day forumgoers.

    Im having a little issue with a new PCI wireless card I installed in a PC I built up a couple of days ago, here are the details:

    Belkin 54 (g) wireless PCI card. (45n7000 part number - or something close to that)

    I have used the wireless router for a good year now for wireless networking for the laptops in my house. (My father and I have laptops - two PCs are also networked in with RJ45's) Anyway I built(rebuilt) the computer on the right side of my sig (2600-m) got the computer up and running, installed this card. It seems ok for general web access, I can surf, use MSN and can download from the internet at at LEAST 85k/sec (1mb cable conn) but I am having issues in World Of Warcraft. (Pretty much the reason I built a second machine, to stop my fiance pinching mine to play games, and so we can play em together )

    When first logging in the ping will fluctuate, usually between a couple of hundred and a couple of thousand, but after the first minute or two the ping will then shoot to 5k-10k and stay there indefinitely. I originally used the drivers from the CD, and then downloaded new ones from the website, but nothing seems to be working.

    The issue may be the router, the card, the computer... I really dont know. I think the laptop also has ping issues when WOW plays on that, althought that could be because... its a laptop!

    The router is a NETGEAR (b) wireless router. It has proved to be very reliable in its service, but it may have setup issues with the wireless use of it. Im pretty sure its not the fact its an 11mb wireless router - the internet connection is only 1mb, and theres no other wireless connections running at the same time.
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    Re: Wireless PCI card - Connection Issues.

    If you're having the same issue on two different machines, I would recommend starting with the router. Routers are dirt cheap these days. If you bought it locally, you could even test the theory and return it if it fix the issue.

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