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    Jun 2001

    Help adding wireless to existing wired network


    I need a bit of help here. First I'll give you the existing setup.

    USB ADSL modem is connected to win2k machine using ICS to share the internet through a 5-port hub (I know this is not the best setup, but it works fine as the win2k machine is nothing being used except to share internet).

    Problem: Family member just got and ibook and wants wireless internet.

    SO i figure the best solution would be to replace the USB modem for one with an RJ-45 connection and get a wireless router?

    Or is their something I can just plug into the hub that will work with Win2k ICS?

    1 other quick question, I'm worried that the signal will be not strong enough for the whole their some sort of booster that anyone makes (such as have 2 antenna at opposite ends of the house)?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    May 2002
    Sonora, Ca.

    Re: Help adding wireless to existing wired network

    You could buy a wireless access point such as a Linksys WAP54G. You can also get aftermarket antennas that are larger and there is third party firmware that can be used to increase the output power (though that is a trade off for the device's longevity). Check this place for Linksys firmware.


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