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    Dec 2001

    how to overclock a MSI k7d?

    I've been googling all morning looking for some definitive word on how to overclock a MSI k7d running MP processors.

    I'm running 2x Athlon MP2200+'s in a MSI k7d but only have 12X multiplier as the highest multi available, thus only leaving the FSB available for overclocking. I tried using crystalcpuid to change the multi's in Windows, but the multi change feature is "grayed-out".

    Do I have to mod these MP's to get higher multi's? Is the another utility available like crystalcpuid to change the mulitipliers on-the-fly ?
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    Sep 2002
    The Netherlands

    Re: how to overclock a MSI k7d?

    I don't think it's possible to change multion the fly with that board and if you could i think you'd have to mod them to mobile first.

    But using THIS guide you'll be able to change the multipliers by putting small wires in the socket. Not that hard, of course never without any risk. (Only if the CPU's aren't superlocked)

    I have a MSI K7D Master myself, i can have it run at 150Mhz FSB without any problems.
    But I also removed the heatspreader from the chipset. (kinda like a small AMD K6 CPU) Maybe that helped keeping it stable at 150Mhz FSB.
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    Aug 2001
    Auckland, NZ

    Re: how to overclock a MSI k7d?

    I was able to run my last K7D at 150, when it died the warranty replacement wasn't so happy with FSB. Basically I think the FSB is your easiest route. You aren't going to get huge overclocks without modding your processors (I'm running 2100+ that are modded to 2400+, at slightly higher fsb reporting as 2600+).

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