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    Dec 2006

    Re: A lazy way to increase multi-booting in Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackal View Post
    from experience siakee puts an end to need for any boot questions! , also from experience, and this is for noobs (and I still fall into that category)....LEARN how to partition off your HDD, ESPECIALLY if you're going to throw software RAID into the mix.
    My problem is that the method outlined by siakee didn't work for me. I had an empty partition at hd4 and edited menu.lst with

    title empty partition in hda4
    Root (hd0,3)
    Chainloader +1

    Poured Federa Core 6 into that, placed the bootloader on / nor MBR. But I got a failure on reboot. I had to edit menu.lst with the lines in my previous post to get FC6 to boot. Any ideas why?


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    Feb 2018

    Re: A lazy way to increase multi-booting in Linux

    Me too my friend i like and i love system linux is perfect and number one

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