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    Sep 2005

    Why "searching" God


    I have been messing around with OC'ing my A64 3500NC. Was able to get it to 2500 stable on air. Now, i had some cheap ram that I swapped out for ocz pc4000 so i could run htt at 250 x 10 multi. heres my problem. in the advanced settings in the bios, under cpu config section, dram setting, i set it manually to 500, and 1t all other settings stock. then i goto jumperless config, set htt to 250, multi to 10, vcore to 1.6, and the httbus thing to 4x. all the samwe settings as the old mem, exept i had old mem at 166mhz in mem setting.

    When i boot, the mem is always at 133 and htt is at 216, no matter what i do. if i set 1 to man, the other automatically goes to auto. and vice versa.

    I need a little help.

    Answer to all Common Error:

    don't mess with Overclocking or bless not for TheDisaster, I explain,

    I had a "cousin" who liked to drive a Lamborghini because "THE" ferrari

    not "OK". By the way, the "matching LOGO is quite plural the same form".

    Anyway, messing with OC'ing is quite unlike getting around something

    anyone "KNOWS" how 2 do. Now try 2 explain that to the one who

    just spend 1200$ of precious "bucks" into a fantastik System by

    "SCREEWED" it by OCedIT. Try to explain ... AlBiss AllRightsdonated2007

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    Dec 2003

    Re: Why "searching" God

    I believe you want to leave the divider in dram configuration at 400 so it runs the same as HTT in the overclock menu (250).
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