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    Quote Originally Posted by Special_K
    WOW..memories, they still have those two at my dentists office. I occasionally push away a young kid or two to play a little tempest, strange it seemed so much better 20 years ago..
    I really liked Tempest back in the day.
    I have it for my computer, but it's not the same as standing in front of that big cabinet and spinning the "dial".
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    Re: Arcades

    No, all those arcade cabinets with the crazy control setups just can't be emulated correctly, even with game pads. Just not the same

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    Re: Arcades

    That big trackball on Missile Command was cool but it sure killed my thumb after some long gaming sessions!
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    Re: Arcades

    what, no love for asteriods??

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    Nov 2001
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    Re: Arcades

    Played it a bunch , but I wasnt like most who were really good at it , I would just shred the rocks . My roomate at Ole Miss was an asteroids ace , but he just hunted the UFOs , he would get allmost all the rocks gone and haul butt straight up or side to side and pick off the the little UFOs for the big points . he could usually leave the machine with the High Score at 999,990 , I rock shot short of rolling it over to 0

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    Jun 2002
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    Re: Arcades

    I'm a Missile Command and Centipede fan. Another couple of my favorites were Break Out and Quix. I don't remember for sure if I ever saw them as actual arcade machines but they were definately arcade quality game play. Good ol' Atari 2600...

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