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    Oct 2001
    Erie, PA

    ~~~TROLL ALERT~~~ Ronnie Timbs, aka NeoThoR, MrGAMBL3, ARSKEE

    ~~~ TROLL ALERT ~ Ronnie Timbs, aka NeoThoR, MrGAMBL3, ARSKEE ~ NOT TO BE TRUSTED! ~~~

    Name: Ronnie Timbs
    City: Indianapolis, In.

    Name: Ronald Timbs

    Name: LongJohn Silver

    Possible location from

    Ronald Timbs
    Indianapolis, IN 46217-3902

    See this Troll Alert in a thread originally offering 5 Apple iBooks - 1064mhz, 30g HDD, 256mb,

    He posted this thread in OT about getting a 47" HDTV from an obviously questionable source:


    @ my work I have a union..

    The union president always has some badass connections going on..

    So yea anyways, The other day he came up to me and asked if I was in the market for a brand new TV. And I was like "yea, but I can't really afford it" So he then tells me he can get ANY TV from ANYWHERE for half price. I just have to get 3 things for him - Model number, Brand and price (then divide that by 2). This is a guy I trust btw. So later I ended up getting a 47inch hdtv for $700 (it was over 2000$ but I told him the wrong price *grin*) (my friends dad got a $8000 hdtv for $4500...)

    But yea here is what I'm wondering. I've known alot of people who hustle like this. He isn't the top guy in this "scam" but like I said I've been around this. But never before have I heard of a person being able to get basically anything for half price.

    I'm talking anything from Bestbuy, Lowes, Circuit City, etc..

    Home theater setups

    etc etc, u get it

    I'm just wondering how the ****** he is doing this.. it's pretty big - I've heard of inside jobs.. Like working at the stores warehouse, stuff "disapearing" from a truck, etc etc. But like I said.. this is multiple stores.

    ANyone know how the ****** this dude is scamming these places?

    I can't get it out of my head. I'm so curious on how he is doing this it's just driving me nuts.. argh.

    (I'm curious how he is doing it.. not wanting to do it myself. Jail isn't for me)
    He also offered a number of iPod Nanos to members and PM'd them:


    Heres the update on the Ipods.

    The guy I was getting them from is only giving me them with money upfront.

    If you want an Ipod (4gig black or white nano) It's gonna cost $200 via paypal. USA only please.

    It will take me approx 2-3 days to get the Ipod then I will ship it out.

    Weither you trust me in this situation is up to you.

    My heatware is I have 1 more eval coming soon.

    LMK what you think.


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