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    Resolved Welcome to the HOT DEALS Section!

    Welcome to the PCPER Hot Deals section. Before posting I would ask you to take a second and read the guidelines below.

    - If your deal has a rebate/coupon please note it in the title of your post.
    - If you are posting a link to a deal it MUST be directly to the deal and not redirected through another site.
    - If your deal requires a coupon code please put it in the post.

    Below are some common abbreviations used in this section.

    AC - After Coupon
    AR After Rebate
    CPN Coupon
    IR Instant Rebate
    MFG Manufacturer
    MFR Manufacturer
    MIR Mail In Rebate
    MSRP Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
    OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
    OOS Out Of Stock
    PM Price Match or Private Message depending on context
    S/H Shipping and Handling

    Here are a few links where you can find the hottest deals. or or

    You can check to find out how reputable the retailer is that you would like to deal with.
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    Re: Welcome to the HOT DEALS Section!

    Ebay links are allowed for "Buy it now" pricing only. Bid auctions and best offers aren't allowed. Make sure it's a set price before posting. Thanks!

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