Okay you electrical engineering types, need help on a project that is not computer related >> but want to use “computer geek” parts to do it.

A while back I bought the wife three “pieces” of 70mm movie film (3 frames ea) supposedly from a reel for the Wizard of Oz. What I have done is gotten a color print of each piece (showing all three frames including sprocket holes) with the idea of mounting the prints next to the film. Using a “shadow box” style of framing I want to backlight the transparencies with low voltage lighting.

The people that do all of our framing has come up with a neat idea where the mat will look like a piece of film – sprockets and all! I originally had thought about using CCFL, but the gale that is doing the framing said florescent lighting would eventually make the film brittle, etc. Is CCFL the same as “regular florescent” lighting?

So I thought of using bright LEDs instead. What is at issue is the circuit design, sizing and mounting the required resistors, how to convert from 120V to 12 – 5V, etc. Then I found these and considered that a lot of the work is already done, except how to “hard wire” a power pack to it.


So I’m open to all suggestions - design, material sources, assembly, and the like.