So I got weak again.

I was a little disapointed with the CPU volt control on the VNF3-250. I bought a Abit NF8 on ebay for 35.00, new. I have to say its the first Abit board I am very impressed with.

Running the 3200+ @ 2.8ghz @ 1.575 volts. Testing right now but it seems rock solid.

Very impressed with the motherboard.

Funny thing is the 3200+ $38.00 and a new copy of Windows this is a very nice computer.

I had a 800xl I got from a friend, a old 80g Maxtor & a 350 Fortron PS.

The computer can play COD4 no problem and really even with a motherboard thats been out 3+ years it still is very nice for single threaded games. I'm going to load Crysis on it and see if it can handle it.