The following info was posted on Anandtech as a recent troll warning. Please be advised to steer clear of this guy.

This person gave another member heat account names for two different AT members, InfoTiger and gosstech. He also claimed gostech's heat on Hard Forums.

This person appears to be a complete fraud. If you have sent him any money, STOP PAYMENT, NOW, and CALL THE POLICE!


Name: Rich Lasky

202 Faison Drive
Columbia, South Carolina 29202




No more questions about whether this person is a troll. He started another account:

Name: Jason Richards

Name: Patrick Smith

Name: Patrick Smith

He has been trying to sell to many by PM without posting. Asking others to ship first. He's offered:

to one member: AMD64 4000+ San Diego and a eVGA SLI mobo.

to others: eVGA 7800GT for $240 shipped.

to others: VGA 7800GTX 512MB for $650 shipped.

to others: eVGA 6800GS for 180$ shipped.

to others: BFG 6800GT OC for 195$ shipped. Offered the same card to another member for $200.

to others: opteron 175 for $365.

Offered another a steam account with cs:source, half life 2, on an auction basis.

He claims his name on Guru3d is Maddog187. He names one of their members as his only reference, but he says that sale was for the above eVGA SLI motherboard.

He also claims he tried to register the name, Maddog187 on AT, but he accidentally entered an invalid email address. We have no registration for any similar user name, with or without a valid email address! Note: He may also be trying to hide behind this name which may belong to someone else.


One of the AT members contacted MadDog187 on Guru3D. He denies being the same person. Looks like yet another attempted identity theft by this troll.

Thanks, and trade safely.