I've seen this on multiple sites and could never understand the rational or reasoning behind it. For websites that have videos, news sites especially, they very often do two extraordinarily annoying things.

1) Some of them set the refresh rate on their page to a shorter time than the video on the page. For example, there might be a 10 minute video on the page, but the page is set to refresh every 5 minutes. So *boom* right in the middle of watching a video you have to start all over again.

2) Some of them have videos that go along with the story on the page. You go to play the video and all of a sudden, another "ad" video they have set on the same page autoplays. So now you have both videos playing over each other.

Some people obviously do not watch people to visit their websites because they their hardest to make their websites unpleasant to navigate to.

/unproductive rant

P.S.: Yes, I know about adblock and other programs designed to mitigate ads on websites. I really don't like having to install 50 different programs just to navigate a website. I guess I have no choice.