when I log into my main user account, I get a popup saying that the .dmrc file in my home directory is invalid. It should be owned by user and have 644 permissions. It says untill I fix it I cant save sessions, but thats not acctually true, if I save a session it still works for me even with the pop up error.

When I look on the file it is owned my the user account, and it had 600 permissions, so after changing it to 644 I log out and back in. Its the same thing.

I created a temp user account just to look at how the file for it should be. It was owned by the temp user with 600 permissions *like my main accounts was orginally*. I log into root and its the same thing, owned by the root user and 600 permissions.

I tried resetting it to 600 permissions like it was orginally and still got the error, so I logged back into root, copied the file from the temp user, and put it into my main user account and changed the owner to the main user, still get the error pop up when I log in. This is driving me crazy.

Anyone have ideas?