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    Sep 2003

    3-Member Italian Judge Panel: Recruiting Suicide Bombers Not Terrorism

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    Feb 2002
    Plainfield, IL

    Re: 3-Member Italian Judge Panel: Recruiting Suicide Bombers Not Terrorism

    The judges have a point: when attacking uniformed soldiers during a time of war, uniformed enemy suicide bombers are merely another unconventional weapon.

    Where the ruling falls down is the term they use "exclusively" from their terrorism definition: “acts exclusively directed against a civilian population,”. That is the judges interpretation, and I believe one that has not been supported. Clearly, ANY civilian casualties are to be avoided by both sides, and the fact that there may be a uniformed enemy soldier within range does not excuse massive civilian casualties.

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    Oct 2001

    Re: 3-Member Italian Judge Panel: Recruiting Suicide Bombers Not Terrorism

    I also agree in principal, small committed groups uniformed or not, fighting solely against opposing armed military forces, using unorthodox methods are not per se terrorists. Terrorism is I believe the use of such force against unarmed bystanders and citizens with the intention of creating death, injury and fear. Much of which has happened recently in Iraq.

    Since and before the fall of Troy a small force can defeat a much larger one using deception and disguise, a principle of many special forces in todays armies.

    What about government you may ask, is it necessary for all combatants to be officially supported by the government in power for this not to be terrorism.
    Guerrilla action has been condoned and supported in the past by governments in third countries, notably our own.

    At the end of the day it is down to ideology. whether you think they are terrorists, freedom fighters or something else.

    Armed regular forces accept the risk, and we are declaredly at war.
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