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Thread: "Evil" War Hero

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    Sep 2003
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    "Evil" War Hero

    I may be screwed up but this one really baffles me. I could have this wrong but it seems to me a WWII legend and a Medal of Honor recipient might be worthy of honoring with a small statue at his alma mater. But I guess a bunch of MF’in American communists who fought in the Spanish Civil War are more deserving.

    Why not?

    1. Because Pappy was a Marine
    2. He killed people in war
    3. He was a white man (cough, cough), in reality a Native American, Sioux
    4. He wasn’t genteel and kind, like Audie Murphy, or Bob Howard. That one is really naive
    5. And more

    I might have a little more understanding if they chose not to honor the man because he was a womanizing alcoholic but the excuses they give are mystifying and profoundly ignorant.

    Is this what they call higher education or higher indoctrination?

    Get Thee Behind Me, Pappy Boyington
    Sat, 18 Feb '06

    Univ of Washington Student Senate Slams "Evil" War Hero

    Aero-News Opinion By Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien
    Student senator Jill Edwards spoke for the student body when she "questioned whether it was appropriate to honor a person who killed other people." She "didn’t’ believe a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person UW wanted to produce."

    Ashley Miller agrees. "Too many monuments commemorate white men," she sneered. They should probably tear some down until pygmies, eskimos and victims of gender dysphoria have caught up in the heroism department, then. It might take a while (The white guy, by the way, wasn't all white -- he was part Native American, Sioux specifically. But maybe joining the "evil" Marines bleached the red out of him?)

    Jon Lee said he "didn’t want to see a campus inundated with memorials." Hey, they already have a memorial to someone with University values -- the Lincoln Brigade, a group of American Communists who fought in the Spanish Civil War. The survivors used to march in New York City in solidarity with Hitler, and then against him, oddly enough changing direction on June 22, 1941. That's University of Washington values for you.
    Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington
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    Re: "Evil" War Hero

    Both sides are full of shit. Why can't we all just get along? I swear, people annoy me more each day.
    Promote then, as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge. In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened.

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    Re: "Evil" War Hero

    I've been following this story for awhile and the yik-yak by the Edwards girl and her flock of ne'er-do-wells is getting countered. There's been a scholarship fund established, started by the alumni after this statue became a controversy by some of the loons.

    More on the counter attack:

    My guess... Pappy will be getting an even bigger statue at WU someday.

    Boyington was a kool kat...
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    Re: "Evil" War Hero

    I don't think we have the full story, and the article presented was rather poorly constructed. In fact there were a number of faults in the facts.


    This is the current response from the student council president, who I am sure, is getting deluged right now. I have to give the guy credit - it's a mature response in what must be a trying situation. He doesn't dodge or spin, he's taking responsibility - I think there are a number of DC denizens who would do well to heed his example.

    The blog news and the draft minutes that were posted are inaccurate. First, Ashley Miller's statements were highlighting, as a point of information, that the majority of our statues are white males, which was an issue previously addressed last year, this is not in any way meant to go against Colonel Boyington. It was noted by the sponsor, Andrew Everett, about Boyington's heritage later. Jill Edwards made here statements as an individual, and it should not be assumed she speaks for all students. Karl Smith wanted to honor his service as a whole (he risked his life, endured 20 months in a POW Camp) in an effort to bring more support from a number of students who do not morally agree with war. These statements are in public discourse that has been and will always be at the University of Washington to educate on the questions and issues of our society.
    I would also like to remind you that as ASUW President I cosponsored this bill to create a memorial, it failed by one vote, and a good majority of those who voted against it wanted more inclusion of other alumni who were combat veterans who earned the Medal of Honor. This week a new resolution to that effect is being drafted and introduced. In the meantime the ASUW supports veterans in other ways, currently we are supporting state legislation that will hopefully pass and guarantee veterans tuition waivers. In the end, the buck stops here, I would appreciate further comments to be made to me. Please do not participate or condone the hate-filled comments and phone calls made toward individuals in our student government. It has been appalling to see what is being said to people. I too am nauseated.

    Thank you for you statements.
    Lee Dunbar
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