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    Feb 2004

    Question Slow at reading data off the dvd

    I will just copy paste a message i sent to a friend about my query:

    [08:28] qaz: this is odd
    [08:28] qaz: i can burn a full dvd 4.37 gb in under 5mins
    [08:29] qaz: and i can copy 4.37gb of data on the hd from one partition to another in under 5mins
    [08:29] qaz: but when i copy my burnt dvd to the hd it takes about 24mins
    [08:30] qaz: is that normal?
    [08:30] qaz: or is it slowly reading the data off the dvd because it wasnt burnt properly and is hard to read?

    NEC 4550A
    verbatim dvd-r 16x

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    Jun 2004

    Re: Slow at reading data off the dvd

    Same for me actually. I also have a NEC DVD writer, not sure of the model no.

    It also happens also when I use a game DVD and try to install it/run it. It takes forever to load...stopping and starting sometimes

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