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    Sep 2003

    Resolved Spare parts of my A64 system.

    Here is the equipment I wish to sell. All my items have been bought in September 2004.

    Leadtek Geforce 6800nu (128megs)
    Enermax PSU Noisetake (430w)
    Motherboard MSI Neo Platinum (nforce3) WITH Athlon64 3000+ (Newcastle i think)
    HD Maxtor IDE 80gigs

    That's it! Give me a good reasonable price, I want to get rid of it.

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    Mar 2006

    Re: Spare parts of my A64 system.

    Leadtek Geforce 6800nu (128megs) - $130 (unlockable)?

    That is the extent of my price knowlege

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    Jul 2004
    Long Island, NY

    Re: Spare parts of my A64 system.

    The problem with selling S754 combos now is that Frys/Outpost has that Sempron 3100+/ECS NF3 Combo for $80. It seriously puts a damper on prices for S754 Combos (please note that I did not say 'similar items'). I have seen S754 3000+'s listed for under $100 shipped, but am afraid that I don't recall seeing whether any had sold at that price. I have seen good S754 Mobos listed for $30 - $50.

    As for the HD, I'd start at $40 shipped and be sure to list if it is still covered under warranty, you can find that out by entering the Serial Number at the WD website.
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