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    Aug 2003

    Re: Atleast your kids are safe from terrorists!

    Quote Originally Posted by liquidsoul
    He was trying to seduce a child!!!!! How about you interpret that. Man, throw the guy in the slammer and wack off his kanicki.
    Yes, you embody the typical reaction. He's a perv, so therefore all of his rights must be forfeit. Why even bother with a trial? Let's just go door to door executing them. After that, we'll do the same for anyone else we find unsavory. Like I said before, Muslims, gays, immigrants, and then whoever else is on conservative white america's shitlist these days. If you don't see what I'm getting at, then please do me a favor and don't vote in anymore elections. You're ruining my country.

    I have nothing more to say on the matter, since I'd just be repeating myself (again) to people who aren't listening. Here's a hint: What I'm talking about has to do with much larger issues than who tried to feel up little timmy.
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