Hi all,

I am new to the forums here, but I was hoping that I could get some advice on a problem that I am having with my new x1900xtx.

I just recently bought this card off of the egg and I love it. The framerates I was getting in all my games were great and it ran very stable on my thermaltake purepower 480 PSU. The only thing that was bad was the load temps I was getting of around 92 c. I know the card runs hot, but those temps made me nervous so I changed the stock fan for the arctic cooling accelero x2. That seemed to bring things down a little, but I was still hitting up in the 90's under load, so I wondered if maybe my fan install was botched. I took the x2 off (which is a task since the memory HS pads are VERY sticky) and cleaned everything off. I had to scrape the thermal pad residue off of the memory with my fingernail because it had stuck so hard. I then cleaned everything with Iso alchohol and replaced the fan with arctic silver 5 on the gpu. Since I had all but destroyed the memory heatsink pads taking the fan off, I replaced them with the pads from the stock cooler.

The problem is, now when I power on the computer everything starts up fine like it normally would with a normal post indicator, but right as the vid card fan speeds up pto boot into windows, the vid card fan cylcles off and the computer hangs with no display. What I am wondering is if the vid card is having a thermal shutdown because the cooler is not installed correctly or the memory HS pads from the old cooler are not working correctly. I don't think the card is fried because I never smelled any burning, and the computer is not giving me a bad VGA card post. Can anyone help me on this?