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    Re: "we have detected signal leakage from your home..."

    I won't even bother to ask why your first post on this forum slungren was to reply to a note a guy had on his door 7-1/2 years ago. Nope, won't even ask, even though I think this is the weirdest dead thread bump I've ever seen.
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    Re: "we have detected signal leakage from your home..."

    Quote Originally Posted by slundgren View Post
    The reason why they put the comments that they do on those door tags is because of the usually low success rate they will call in on the first door tag. I deal with this for a living every day and about a quarter of the tags I do in a week which are not many they do not call in til at least the second or third visit we come back to check. If the signal leak or return noise which is another way of finding leaks is bad enough we will shut the outlet or service off until repairs can be made.

    Now how we do things here is we all have our zones in our town we do our leakage monitoring in. We have to drive our zones out 4 times a year. For example I have a big zone both city and county road driving which literally takes me about a 10 hour work day to drive. I then drive back to our warehouse, and our equipment automatically downloads to a server. At a specific time figured in the sofware we use, we will get our lists of leaks in that zone. Anything over a certain level has to be fixed as early in the coming days etc. It causes us issues with the FCC if we don't comply as stated above. More so these days it's a guarantee you are back feeding unwanted noise into our plant which can and will cause slow internet speeds for the other customers in your specific fiber node that feeds your general neighborhood, and can be an extremely frustrating thing to chase. Not all leaks are big enough to be detected from those leakage detectors.

    For example we have a specific model one, and we all cry fowl that they are not as sensitive as the old equipment we used years ago but since it's the so called latest technology the company thinks no big deal. The problem is there are more leaks out there than what most will admit. It's those little leaks that make me and my fellow workers have to go chase noise every day to find the service affecting noise coming from customers homes that are not expecting to make a surprise visit to their home! It's the one part of the job WE all hate to do, because it puts us in a very uncomfortable situation with customers that are surprised by us asking into their house with no notice whatsoever. It's so bad here I am having anxiety these days asking people when they open the door. I try to give them a card and tell them to call in so I don't have to make them feel so on edge.

    All in all it is a legit thing. They are stated that way on the door tag to get your attention and to call in immediately. Not to be pushy and threatening. It is a liability on us if it does not get fixed. For us we had to get a little more pushy on the latest door tags we have because the success rate on the first door tag call in was very low. You all pay enough every month for your service. We are not there to charge you more. We just want in to fix the problem and be on our way to the next house down the block causing it also. You would be amazed sometimes how you are used to an issue you never knew existed and it's so much better when we left! I see it all the time. As always I get the, "We haven't noticed any problems. Ours works fine" type of comments. I could go on much more on this subject, but for all reading this, make sure you tighten every connector on your equipment nice and snug. NEVER LOOSE! Don't ever go to Radio Shack or any store that sells that junky cable with gold ends you think look so nice. Get your cables from your own cable company techs. I give them away for free hoping to save myself and others headaches in the future because of this one subject. Video game adapters such as the old Nintendo 8 bit and 16 bit game systems have that badly shielded gray box that causes these leaks. Basically anything your cable screws into can be a problem. Even a junky low cost TV will do it, such as the old style tube TV's. House amplifiers can also be bad depending on the brand. It's not always a loose connector. In can be a bad outlet in the attic, or a bad prewire in a interior wall in a house. Many things will cause this.

    thanks for the info.

    too bad you weren't here when the thread first appeared. this site was full of helpful people and info, pride and pleasantries. now it's nothing but a shell of what it once was. some have yet to contribute what you did in one post.


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    Re: "we have detected signal leakage from your home..."

    Yeah where did they all go?

    BTW, Happy New Year all!

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