Hi all, newbie here

First of all, good to be here, seems like a fun community so far

Anyway, I was wondering, if anyone has any experience with proxies for online gaming? My aim here is to mostly avoid IP bans, while botting and I've heard that VPNs don't usually cut it, as games such as Runescape for example aim to ban VPN IPs. Got an advice that I should aim for a Proxy, as they can offer residential IP's which are almost indistinguishable from real IPs, as they are provided by real ISPs out there.

Anyway, after some googling, found this review This is the list of residential proxies I've been going through and seems to me like the top choices are a bit over my budget, as I dont want to spend more than 20$ per month.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience and could share some tips?

Would be appreciated