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    Apr 2006

    what are my optimal settings?

    Asus A8n SLi premium
    Opteron 146 @ 3.01GHz (1.488-1.50 v) 34-45 degrees
    2Gig Mushkin Extreme PC4000 ram @ 200.9 MHz
    running 3-3-3-6 bank cycle time 19
    command rate 2T DRAM idle timer 16

    Mother board is running 4x not the default 5x....i forget what that is called anyone know?

    anyway am i running at the best performance i can? Thanks for looking!

    I am not sure what my timings actually are, They could be 3-4-3-8..all measurements and values are from CPU-Z, just so everyone knows how i got my info.
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    Asus A8N SLi Premium
    AMD Opteron 170 @ 2.735Ghz (1.45 Vcore)
    2 gig Muskin pc4000 performance ram @228 Mhz
    1x 500 gig western digital
    1x 74 gig raptor
    XFX geforce 7900GTX
    GameXstream OCZ 600 watt PS
    Lian li pc-7fn

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