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    Mar 2002
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    Optical Drive woes....

    ...on my laptop.


    Ok my HP dv4000 laptop optical drive just seemed to stop working. I turned the machine on and Windows started looking for a drivers for new hardware. I didn't install anything so I waited to see it was the optical drive, but the name of the drive was wierd, so I did a virus/ad/spam check and I came up clean. But I tried reading any and every cd I could for the past hour with nothing. The drive will light and I can hear it spin, but it will not read anything.

    I got the laptop used awhile ago, so I have no warranty and I know nothing about repairing or where to get my laptop repaired if it is hardware.

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    May 2001

    Re: Optical Drive woes....

    First assure that the device is working properly by checking its status from hardware tab. Windows XP should install the driver by itself for it (if you have 98 or 2000) that's a different story. If it's a hardware problem, you can always get another optical drive and install it. Pretty simple, undock the one you have it should snap right out or they might be few screws. Put it new one, you can get new one from newegg or any laptop parts store, but I would check HP's website if they sell them just to assure it's 100% compatible with your system.

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    Re: Optical Drive woes....

    If you get skewed characters like @$!$% within the drive name identification for the cmos, then there is likely a corruption in the identification process. Sometimes a cable replacement will fix this, but in the case of a laptop drive, it is most likely the drive that is faulty.
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    Re: Optical Drive woes....

    Those were fairly popular notebooks...look here for parts, or try ebay:

    If what you have is just a reader, you could update it to a writer if you were so inclined....look at this as an opportunity to upgrade, lol.

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