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    Sep 2003
    Kern River Valley, CA

    Re: Tattoing Child Molesterers/Murderers

    Didn’t some smart guy once say, “There are some crimes that can be forgiven and some that cannot”?

    If you ask me the justice system is more about punishment not rehabilitation.

    JimZ’s reference to revenge is also a key part of crimes like this. I think 15 minutes alone in a locked room with the parental kin and Samuel Colt might be appropriate.

    Life in prison for hardcore child sex offenders…

    There are some crimes that cannot be forgiven,
    For which no punishment can be enough,
    Which should by such harsh sentence be forbidden
    That none would dare so damned a fortune touch.
    And yet the children still are raped, abused,
    Made actors in a nightmare none should see,
    Fondled, fettered, forced, defiled, used
    By those who cannot help but evil be.
    And for such twisted souls no cure is certain.
    The debt cannot be paid and left behind.
    Freedom brings anew the old temptation,
    And all the tightened springs beg to unwind.
    All people in their sorrow should be loved,
    But some must ever be from us removed.

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    Oct 2001

    Re: Tattoing Child Molesterers/Murderers

    I do see where Orang is coming from. There are similarities, but I don't think he's going so far to say that the Jews and child molestors are both innocent parties. The Nazi's were able to effectively dehumanize the Jews through propoganda. I do think that we need to be careful about how we treat the lowest of low on the criminal ladder, which seems to be sex offenders---child molesters in particular. My fear is that by pulling no punches on these guys will have those effects filtering on through the rest of the penal system.
    Am I advocating leinency toward criminals? No. I think they should be locked up for their full sentence, none of this "time off for good behavior" nonsense.
    However, let's also remember that we already do have laws equipping judges to deal out punishment.
    IF we are unable to keep the lowest criminals as humans, we do effectively the same thing that the Nazi's did with the Jews. On the same token, criminals are recieving their due payment, while the Jews were discriminated against to an extreme.

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