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    Oct 2006

    Bios Boot Failure

    Decided to upgrade my system. Removed old motherboard, RAM, processor etc from old tower and purchased the following:

    1.ASRock AM2Nf3-VSTA
    2.512 DDR2 RAM
    3. AMD Athlon 64 3500

    running NVidia graphivs card (cant remember details but pretty good card)

    Didnt have any problems with old system however now when I try to boot I get the initial boot screen with the following message:

    PRESS 11 for BOOT Menu
    Single Channel Memory Mode

    the system doesnt boot any further. When I press F11 nothing happens.

    All I have wired up is the HD, graphics card and memory

    I think it might be the original PSU which has maximimum power = 250w.

    Is a power shortage enough to stall a system boot? Bios Boot? Previous experience has led me to believe that these problems usually lie with the memory sticks.

    Your thoughts please

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    Jan 2002
    Mauldin, SC

    Re: Bios Boot Failure

    ouch your PSU is way out of spec I amazed it even boots. try another PSU and your HDD jumpers. You need a quality 350watt PSU or above.

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