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    Jun 2003
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    PCI-Express whitebook laptops? Help!

    Im sure this is in the wrong forum but wasent sure where to go with this one.

    Anyway, im looking for resellers who feature pci-e whitebooks for core 2 duo chips. I would like to customize the setup of this laptop as so that i can say i dont want a HDD or OS or CPU.

    I tried google but found that to be time consuming and unproductive, all i could find there was customizable laptops that forced you to choose an OS and a HDD and all the other componenets, thats not what i want i only want to choose a few and i will install the rest myself.

    Anysites, help would be appreciated. k thnx.
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    Aug 2004

    Re: PCI-Express whitebook laptops? Help!

    Try ggogling bare bones laptop, also check

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