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    Jun 2003

    Re: What Democrats should do first

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    Because we were on such a great course with the other leadership especially with an administration who believed rumsfeld was doing a great job They refused to fire him even when he offered in his resignation, that probably did lots of damage to the situation in Iraq. Botched war, flooded city, you really can't get much worse then that.

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    Jun 2004
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    Re: What Democrats should do first

    you really can't get much worse then that.
    Time will tell.

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    Oct 2001

    Re: What Democrats should do first

    Quote Originally Posted by Mav451 View Post
    I don't see where the complex plot is coming from. He said there were WMDs. There were none. He was not a mastermind either. I still think he's an idiot, but what can you do? Half the country voted for him. Twice. What is actually more frightening than having Bush at the helm is that so many believed in him as well.

    It took 6 years, but at least people are finally changing their minds.
    The data given to him AT THE TIME and presented by Colin Powell indicated that there were WMD's. Also, Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi government were not cooperating with weapons inspectors. Resolutions were passed, by the UN, stating that they would go after Iraq if they failed to comply. Iraq did fail to comply---multiple times. WMD's were just ONE of a long list of reasons to go to war. If it were the ONLY reason, then, yes, I would agree that that's silly. However, the fact is, WMD's were NOT the only reason for a call to war.

    Also, Congressional approval is needed to go to war, as per the Constitution. Approval was granted, which included votes from many Democrats, who were presented with the same information given to Bush.

    Also, Bush had higher grades in college than John Kerry or Al Gore.

    Iraq had very little to nothing concerning this year's election. The GOP lost it themselves by selling out, expanding government...and in general, being politicians.

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