Yeah our local shop usually charges a tad more but they have good service and knowledge, and you never know when they're gonna have a good deal.

Actually might buy from B and H photo if the local shop doesn't satisfy me. Using the official fluff'nStuff reseller ratings.

I got a raise and gonna spend it on the old lady, she deserves it after dealing with me and hunting season for three months. Besides, I might get to use it myself on occassion. I think I'm gonna get the kit and the 70-300, she can use both lenses and after she gets to know the camera she may want more.

At least now I'm armed with enough info to be dangerous at the camera shop.

As far as service plans, what do they usually run? 10-20% of purchase price? More? Gonna have to think about that and see what I can finagle out of the local shop.