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    Jul 2003

    Re: Mjölnir's Windows 2K and XP Services Guide

    Services Listing - M

    Depends on: Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Required by: N/A
    XP Home: Manual
    XP Pro: Manual
    2K Pro: Manual
    This service manages local and remote debugging services for Visual Studio components. Visual Studio components are not only installed by Visual Studio. Some components of MS Office may install this too, so don’t be surprised if this pops up in your service list. Use Disabled if you get sick of being asked “do you want to debug the script on this page”, otherwise, use Manual.
    Guide: Stop, Disabled

    MESSENGER - (services.exe) [Messenger]
    Depends on: NetBIOS Interface, Plug n’ Play, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Workstation
    Required by: N/A
    XP Home: Auto
    XP Pro: Auto (Disabled in SP2)
    2K Pro: Auto
    Not to be confused with MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger. The Messenger Service can be just as potent as a backdoor to malicious softwares. It’s main purpose is to transmit NET SEND and Alerter messages across a network, however it has been widely exploited and is now a major security hole. Spam and Internet Popups make use of Messenger Service through the following UDP Ports (135, 137, 138) and TCP Ports (135, 139, 445). Close these ports if you wish to block these popups.
    The only time this service should be needed is for a protected office network running Win2K/XP systems that utilise NET SEND commands or the Alerter Service. You can also visit for a program called “Shoot the Messenger” which can help deal with the vulnerability of this service.

    Guide: Stop, Disabled

    MS SOFTWARE SHADOW COPY PROVIDER - (dllhost.exe) [SwPrv]
    Depends on: Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Required by: N/A
    XP Home: Manual
    XP Pro: Manual
    2K Pro: Manual
    This service is used for Windows’ Backup facilities. If you use these, leave this service on Auto. Otherwise, leave it on Manual. Leaving it on Manual will save from receiving messages in Event Log about it not running. It won’t start if you don’t need it. See the Volume Shadow Copy Service for more information.
    Guide: Stop, Manual
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