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    Jun 2002

    Something you all may like

    heres a game online i thought some of you would be interested in.

    check it out, below are the instructions. warning, it gets very addicting.
    although you can get away with playing at work.

    Here are the game rules/ how to play:

    Mafia Battle is a text-based multiplayer online game. Your goal is to make money, build up your attributes, and gain levels so that you might one day be top dog in the Mafia Battle World.

    HP: Health points determine how long you can survive in battle. Once your Health Points are down to zero, you get sent to the Hospital. While in the Hospital, your HPs will restore. HPs can also be restored with the use of Medi-Packs. But Medi-packs will not reduce your hospital stay time once you are in the hospital. Your total available Health Points increase by 50 with each level.

    Energy: Energy is used during training at the Gym and during battles. At the gym, your Energy points are used to determine your attributes increase. For battles, your Energy level has to be at least 25% in order to attack someone. Energy regenerates over time. You can refill your energy bar by clicking on ‘Refill’ and using 10 Points. Your total available Energy increases with each new level.

    Awake: Awake points determine how effectively you train. The more Awake points you have, the more attribute points you receive while training at the gym. Awake points regenerate very slowly over time. Taking a Caffeine Pill will completely refill your Awake Points. Your total available Awake points increase when you buy a house.

    Nerve: Nerve is used to determine which types of crimes you can commit. The more daring (and profitable!) a crime is, the more Nerve points it costs. It also costs Nerve points to break citizens out of prison and to mug other citizens (each action costs 10 nerve points). Nerve points regenerate over time. Nerve points are only used during the commission of a crime. You can refill your Nerve bar by clicking on ‘Refill’ and using 10 Points. Your total available Nerve increases with each new level.

    Strength: Determines how much damage you inflict on your opponent. Strength can be increased by training at the gym and by having a job. In battle, strength is multiplied by whatever Weapon you are carrying.

    Defense: Determines how much damage you can absorb without being harmed. Defense can be increased by training at the gym and by having a job. In battle, defense is multiplied by whatever Armor you are carrying.

    Speed: A higher speed attribute increases the chance of success during prison breaks, muggings, and other crimes.

    During training, your attribute increase is a factor of the number of Energy points you use and the number of Awake points you have. It is best to train when Energy and Awake are full. Some drugs also affect the efficiency of your training.

    Level: Your level is based on the number of Experience Points (XP) accumulated. With each new level, you gain HP, Energy, and Nerve. However, increasing Level without an appropriate increase in Attributes will make you an easy target for lower level guys with high attributes to increase their XP.

    Money: The amount of money you have on you. Money is used to purchase houses, cars, pets, weapons, armor, and other items.

    Points: Points are used to refill Energy and Nerve to full capacity. Points can be accumulated by voting for Mafia Battle or by purchasing through the buy points link at the top of your page.

    Areas of the Game
    medicine shops: Here, you can purchase Medi-Kits to restore your HP

    Armor Shops: Armor can be purchased here. The name of the shop and the types of armor offered differ by city.

    Weapon Shops: Weapons can be purchased here. The name of the shop and the types of weapons offered differ by city.

    Item Market: A place to buy and sell various items found throughout the game. Be careful not to place any zero in your selling price.

    Point Market: A place to buy and sell Points. Again, be careful not to place any zeros in your selling price.

    Point Shop: A place to spend Points on Energy or Nerve, or to sell for cash.

    Car Shop: The place to buy cars. Cars cannot be used until their proper parts are installed.

    Town Hall
    Hall of Fame: Go here to see who the top players are. Categories include: Level, Money, Points, Strength, Defense, Speed, and Total.

    You Gotta Love ‘Em: Top 5 and Bottom 5 citizens based on ratings from other players.

    Citizens Search: Search for citizens. This is a good way to find people to attack/mug. For each citizen that turns up in the search, you have the option to attack or mug by clicking the appropriate link.

    Citizens Online: List of all citizens who have been online in the past 15 minutes or 24 hours.

    Newspaper: A place to go to announce something or see what others are saying about you.


    Lucky Dip: One chance per day to win some money. It costs $1,000. This game usually pays out very well, so be sure to do it every day.

    Slot Machine: Spin the slots and win some money. Two out of three numbers nets 5x your bet, three out of three numbers nets you 10x your bet. Maximum allowable bet is based on your level. It is limited to 250 spins per day. It usually pays out well, so bet your maximum amount.

    Higher/Lower: A game where you bet whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current card (note that Aces are low, not high). It costs $1,000 to play a hand, and you get $500 when you win. So, it takes two wins per hand to break even. It’s hard to lose money on this game, but you don’t make much, either. You can play an unlimited number of times.

    50/50 Chance: Two citizens put up an equal amount of money. Winner takes all (-10% for the house). You can either match an already-existing bet, or start your own.

    Your Home
    Mailbox: Check messages from your teammates or rivals.

    Events: Lists any noteworthy events that have occurred recently.

    Inventory: Lists the items that you are currently carrying. Note that you will automatically be equipped with the best weapon and best armor that you carry. For each item, you can perform one or more of the following actions:

    Sell: Sells the item back to the game for its market value.

    Market: Put the item for sale in the Item Market for the price of your choosing.

    Send: Send the item to another citizen in the game.

    Use: Uses up a consumable item.

    Install: Installs a part on your car.

    Referrals: Lists the top referrers and provides a link for you to refer people. Each referral nets you 5 points.

    Move House: Gives you the opportunity to buy a new house. A bigger house increases your Awake points, which in turn allows you to increase your attributes more. Note that when you move or leave your current house, you recoup the cost of that house.

    Bus Station: For a fee, a bus will take you to another city. In order to travel to some cities, you have to have achieved the appropriate level. The fees are as follows:

    Airport: Locker 94G has $10,000,000 in it. If you can guess the combination, you win the money. Can only guess 10x per day.

    Search Downtown: You can search the downtown area 100x per day. Each time you search, you have a chance to discover money, weapons, armor, or items. Be sure to do this every day.

    Job Center: Allows you to take a job. Having a job will increase your strength, defense, speed, money, and work experience every day. There is a minimum work experience that you must have in order to qualify for each job. Basically, working a couple days at one job will give you enough work experience to get the second job. Be sure to advance as soon as you can.

    School: A place for learning. Each class you take will increase your attributes. And there are no prerequisites for any classes, so be sure to take the highest class possible so your attributes can advance most rapidly.

    Your Gang: Takes you to the gang that you belong to.

    Bank: The place to store your personal money. The Bank pays interest (2% or 4%, depending on if you bought one of the packages). DO NOT carry too much money around with you; it makes you an easy target.

    The menu on the left side of the page has shortcuts to many of the popular places found in the city (Inventory, Your Gang, Mailbox, Events, Search and Newspaper). In addition, it contains the following:

    Gym: The Gym is where citizens go to train and raise their attributes. You can train for as many Energy Points as you have left. You can train on one attribute only, or you can train multiple attributes. The increase in attribute that you get is dependent on the amount of Energy you use and what level your Awake is at.

    Crime: Crimes are very important in the Mafia Battle World. Crimes give you XP and money, at the risk of getting yourself thrown in jail. Crime success is also dependant on your speed. The following is the list of crimes and their rewards:

    Note that two crimes - Prison Break and Mugging - are not committed from the Crime menu.

    Mugging players in the game, does not send them to the hosp. but only takes a portion of their money. It gives the mugger 250 exp. Points.

    A successful Prison Break yields 500 exp. points yay!

    Prison: You get sent to prison if you commit a crime and are caught by the police. The amount of time you spend in prison is dependent upon the crime that you committed.

    Hospital: The hospital is where you go when you are killed. There is a 20 minute Hospital stay if you are killed. While in the hospital, you cannot train at the gym, commit a crime, or attack a citizen. You can, however, do everything else.

    Gangs are the organized entities of the Mafia Battle world. It is best to join a gang as soon as possible. Gangs are able to pool resources and distribute them. From the ‘Your Gang’ menu, you are able to take the following actions:
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    Jan 2001

    Re: Something you all may like

    its like Grand Theft Auto, but GTA has better graphics

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    Jan 2004

    Re: Something you all may like

    lol, this is so lame and childish...

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    Jan 2001

    Re: Something you all may like

    the only games I play are from game stores, to buy, not web browser based games

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