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Thread: Play Riven Myst

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    Play Riven Myst

    I just ordered used exile and riven games. I used to play myst 1 but never finished. Anyway my question is . Is there any way to instal all riven discs so they don't have to be changed during the game play?? I also hate the sound of the cd spinning during the play. Exile is nice because i can instal all discs and just run the cd 1 . can I do the same in riven??

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    Re: Play Riven Myst

    Myst? Riven? You've mistakenly wandered into the BF2/BF2142 Zone and obviously must be lost!

    Let me put down my laser-sight, grenade-launching, tricked-out, death-dealing, M4 assault rifle for a moment and see if I can help you with an...adventure game.

    As extracted from this Myst/Riven FAQ thread at

    Problem: How can the 5 CD version of Riven run without CD swapping?
    Solution: There are some (large) files which you must copy from your CDs to the hard drive. In the folder where you installed Riven in your computer there should be a "data" subfolder. In each CD, there is a respective "data" folder where one or more files ending in "_data.mhk" are found. Copy all those files from the CDs to the "data" subfolder in your hard drive.

    An exhaustive list of the files one needs to copy is this:
    From CD 1: "b_Data.mhk" and "b2_data.mhk"
    From CD 2: "t_Data.mhk"
    From CD 3: "j_Data.mhk" and "j2_Data.mhk"
    From CD 4: "g_Data.mhk"
    From CD 1: "o_Data.mhk", "p_Data.mhk" and "r_Data.mhk"
    If this method does not work immediately, you might also need to edit the "riven.cfg" in the Riven installation folder. Open that file with a text editor, and locate the sections of th file reading "[aspit]", "[ospit]", and so on for all sections ending in "pit". Under each of these sections, there should be a line starting with "Disc=" and a numeric value; change that value to the "0".
    Again, it is not necessary to do edit the "riven.cfg" file; only do so if simply copying the .mhk files does not work.

    Instead of this whole process, you could use this wizard that Jehon has made. It only works for the Riven CD version for PCs, though.

    Good luck with that. I know firsthand that it works.
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