Here's a few pointers and a link visit the link and click around a few places. There's an upgrade advisor there, that I HIGHLY suggest you download ,and run on the pc you are thinking of putting Vista on. I've been running Vista since RC1 was new, and learned a lot about it.Most of what I found out, was from the MS small system builders forum. When upgrading to Vista, take into account that a lot of your old software isn't gonna be comparible, especially AV and utility software. Before you even start to think about an upgrade, remove these, as they will cause problems with the upgrade. If you have software that you can't live without, there's a XP mode tool,built into Vista that will try to make the old software work, BUT it doesn't seem all that great. Upgrade time is a good time to look forward, and find new software that does what that old piece of software did, usually much better. ADOBE 8 works excellent with Vista, and is a free download from ADOBE. Lets hope everybody has a good new experience with Vista, But I bought a new copy of XP PRO RETAIL and that's a first with me. I've bought OEM ,ever since that first build when i said "what do mean I gotta buy 98SE?"That was when I found out just what OEM meant.