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    Found 4gb fix for my mob and Vista

    I have a K8N Neo Platinum4 Platinum socket 939 board. Installing 4 x 1gb sticks in mobo, made the Dram speed default back to 166 (DDR 2700), and the mobo only recognized app. 3300 mb's. The mobo manual verifies this and says the remaining memory is allocated to the southbridge chipset.
    Fixing the default memory speed was simple enough, go into bios and select Advanced Chipset Features>DRam Configuration>Timing Mode> Manual; Now you can set the Memclock Value wherever you wish ( Mine is at 250 or DDR500).
    The memory amount fix took a little more work, but I found it. Bios>Advanced Chipset Features>DRam Configuration>S/W Memory Hole Mapping >Enabled. Save and exit.
    I don't know what motherboards have this option but probably a lot of them do. I booted into Vista and it picked up the extra memory without any problem.
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    Re: Found 4gb fix for my mob and Vista

    Strange, I Was going to say if you are using a 32bit operating system then of course you won't see all 4GB gut you have 64bit...glad you got it sorted out GIMMIE YOUR RAM!!!
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