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    Aug 2006

    what could be wrong?

    i have an asus mother board, REALTEC AC 97 onboard audio im using. Altec Lansing VS 4121 speakers. they sounded good when i bought them, now my sound is very tinny, not a whole lot of depth to it, and its bothering me

    could it be the speakers? or onbaord audio? any ideas?

    also, would buying a pci sound card greatly improve my soundquality eventhough my speakers are only 2.1? if so , which cards do you recommend,
    i use the speakers just for music since my headset for gaming is usb. no need for surround.

    thanks alot

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    Aug 2001

    Re: what could be wrong?

    Thread copied to ASUS. Check there as well. Those guys can go thru the onboard sound issue...but it shouldnt suck. Maybe not great...but it should work.
    If it were me? I had the cash? Sure Id buy a sound card....and be done with the issue. But let the ASUS guys make sure what's onboard is working right.

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    Nov 2001

    Re: what could be wrong?

    Is your sub-woofer putting out sound ?
    Can you try the speakers on something an mp3 player to see how they sound ?
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