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    Aug 2001

    Vista Poor Network Performance fixes

    I've been dealing with Vista network performance issues for a week now and learned quite a bit that should help.

    First I installed Vista for a previous customer on a Biostar MATX 6100 board with a A64 3200. Network performance was horrible, couldn't browse the net and when you did it was only acceptable 20 percent of the time. IE would hang constantly and it was impossible to work with.

    Vista runs flawlessly on my Epox NF4 with Raid and a A64 3700, or so I thought.

    I just put together my wife's system last night running a E6300 with a Foxconn 965 MB and single 160 gig drive. She had the same problems as the first system.

    Vista runs some new TCP tuning feature which basically sucks. First thing to do is to turn it off with the following command:

    netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

    Run it from a command prompt as an admin, you'll get a "Ok" as a response, immediate improvement.

    Turn off Interupt Moderation under the Advanced tab of your network card in Device Manager.

    That fixed the net problems on both of the bad system.. On my system I found performance acceptable and close to XP. So as I tried doing those 2 things above and now my IE performance is much higher than it was under Vista. When downloading now I maxed out at 4mbps constantly where as before I'd cut off around 2-3mbps.

    The last problem was copying data. Over a Nethear cheapo G router, both my PC and my wife's wired I started to copy over 25gb worth of photo's. It maxed out at 1.1mbps.

    I did some looking and came across another suggestion which increased performance 7 fold!

    Go to the Contorl Panel, Programs and Features, Turn Features On/Off and turn off Remote Differential Compression.

    That got me back upto 8mbps. I haven't tried to turn it off on both machines yet to see what happens.

    I also disabled IPv6.

    Since this seems to be a very common problem might not be a bad idea to sticky this and let people add things on.

    This made me go from ready to toss Vista out the window to enjoying it quite a bit more

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    Jul 2005

    Re: Vista Poor Network Performance fixes

    So the more of Vista I shut off... the better it gets?

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