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    Aug 2004


    Hey guys,

    I've been thinking about getting rid of my Chaintech VNF3-250 mobo since it doesn't like some of my hardware. I was curious to know if anyone has used the EP-8KDA7I and if so, what they thought of it.

    Specifially, if they've had any problems at all. I'm not looking to O/C, I'd be running it with a 3200+, 2x1GB Corsair Value Select DDR400, and an eVGA Vanilla 6800.

    I've had troubles with my 6800 and VNF3, I'm not sure why. Other people have had bugs too.

    Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreicated.

    Also - do you know if they're ever going to release nF3 Vista chipset drivers?


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    Dec 2002
    Sunny South Florida

    Re: Ep-8kda7i

    I have a similar board, EP-8kda3+, all I can see is I have 1 xtra mem slot and 4 more sata than the 7i. I have a 6800GT and have run it with no problem, see specs. I also like the board, o/c well and is stable. Some peeps had voltage problems if I remember correctly. I thought that there were not gonna release them but google EP-8kda7i and it shows 64 bit drivers, however I do not know if they are vista compatabile.
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