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    Mar 2007

    Slow Post / Hang

    I previosly had a MSI Nforce 4 mobo to go with my 3000+. After a time of taking my computer in my car to a friends house the computer would not post. It would hang either before it checked the memory / processor or after it checked the hard drives. The old one would not allow me to use the keyboard and it seemed like the i/o ports were broken. I replaced it with a new Gigabyte K8 Triton GA-K8NE socket 754 w/ PCI Express. Now the mobo is starting to hang at the same place but as far as now it will pass post but it takes longer.

    Relevent Specs:

    Antec 550 TruePower
    GA-K8NE Mobo
    BBAti X850 XT PCie
    Corsair XMS Twinx 400 MHz DTWINX1024-3200C2P
    SB Audigy 2

    ThermalRight 90 MM fan - case is well ventillated

    Thanks for the help.

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    Sep 2002

    Re: Slow Post / Hang


    I would remove the mb from the case and bench test on a non static surface.

    Add i component at a time after making sure the cpu is socketed correctly and that it has adequate thermal interface material.

    Try the ram one stick at a time if more than one stick is present and run memtest.


    Click on Pic for Dafanman's Specs

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