I am trying to get my new pc up and running but cannot get the mobo to boot to cd. I am running the following:
Gigabyte GA-8I945g-pro
pentium d 3.4ghz cpu
40gig maxtor ide hard drive
16x Benq dvd burner
1 gig kingston pc5300 ram
trying to install Windows2000 pro
When I initially tried to start pc I had forgotten to format drive from pc it was previously in and got a cmos checksum error. I rebooted again and it would attempt to load 2000 but would hit the inaccessible device blue screen right after the splash screen. I have since removed hard drive and reformatted. The entire time I have been trying to boot to the cd to install a fresh copy. I have went into the bios and told it to boot to cd then hard drive. I have also tried to enter the f12 boot order screen and tried to tell it to boot to cd. I highlight the cdrom and press enter and everytime I recieve a boot device failure screen. The hard drive is in IDE1 and I have tried plugging the dvd into IDE2 same issue moved it to IDE3 and same issue. I have waited so long to get all parts in I don't want to have to tear it back down and wait for gigabyte to decide if they will replace or not. Anyone have any ideas? Wondering if I clear the cmos and start again will that fix it? Gigabyte says controllers may be bad. Isn't that software related? Or are the IDEs the actual controller? I am pretty up on tech stuff but still learning.