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    Mar 2005

    A8R32-MVP Good or Bad?

    Is the A8R32-MVP really as bad a board as some of the forums would lead you to believe? I built a system with this board about 2 weeks ago and have had none of the problems that I read about. I installed the latest bios before I loaded the OS. The build went as smooth as any system I have put together. I am not running raid now but may install Raid 1 later. I do not plan to do heavy overclocking either. I am running a 4600+ X2 processor, 1 GByte Corsair Twin X1024-3200XLPT memory, ATI 1950 pro video card, and a Corsair HX 620W power supply. The board is Rev. 1.03G

    I am going to build another 939 system and was going to buy another A8R32-MVP but after reading some of the comments I am having 2nd thoughts. If I don't go with the A8R32 I will build a system around the A8n32-SLI. However I see a lot of advantages to having 2 almost identicial systems.

    Like I said previously I really like the board and would to buy another but I am getting cold feet after reading some of the things others are saying about the board. I know that there were problems with the early bios but after the 3.11 bios it appears a lot of things were fixed. I currently have 6.02 installed and have not had a hiccup of any kind.

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    Jan 2006

    Re: A8R32-MVP Good or Bad?

    If your having no issues I would just try to get the same rev board and use the same bios as you have now.

    I have read through no kidding 120 pages on the A8N 32 SLI Deluxe, and trust me there where a ton of folks complaining in many of those pages also......
    but the thread started back in early to mid 05! After the bios started coming out regularly folks where very happy. I have a feeling your board is in the same boat.

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