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    Feb 2007

    2x QUAD CORE Xeon 1.86ghz E5320 verse Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition QX6700 Quad Core

    hello all,

    i nead your experty to help me choosing 1 of the syst beow

    Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition QX6700 Quad Core
    2.66GHz 8MB 1066MHz FSB
    ** 4096 MB DDR II 800 Memory (Kingston HyperX)
    ** ASUS Striker Extreme SLI nForce 680i Mother Board
    ** 2xWestern Digital Raptor 150GB 10,000RPM Serial ATA
    16MB config as RAID 0
    ** storage Western Digital 320GB(or 500gb) 7200RPM
    16MB Cache Serial ATA II
    ** LG 18X DVD RW + Dual Layer w/ Lightscribe
    ** 2xASUS nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB DDR 3 Video
    run in SLI mode.
    ** Creative Labs X-FI Elite Pro 24-BIT PCI Sound Card
    ** Dual Gigabit LAN featuring AI Net2.
    ** USB Wireless A/B/G Network Card
    ** Thermaltake Mozart TX HTPC Case w/ Side Window
    (silver w/ black trim) MUST HAVE !!!
    ** 7" Touch Screen Control LCD w/ Remote
    Control(optional from thermaltake Mozart TX HTPC case
    ** 850 Watt Thermaltake Tough Power Modular PS W0131RU
    (dual 8800 certified)
    ** All-In-One (Floppy Drive & Multi Flash/Memory Card

    Qty 2) 1.86Ghz Xeon QUAD CORE E5320 CLovertown CPUs with 4MB L2 Cache, 1066Mhz FSB
    This is a total of 8 CPUS for an effective speed of 14.88ghz!
    Hard Drives (Qty 1) 146gb 15K rpm SAS SCSI
    (Qty 1) 73gb 15K rpm SAS SCSI
    Operating System Microsoft XP Professional x64 64-bit with installation CD & COA sticker
    Floppy Drive 1.44mb standard floppy drive
    CD-ROM/CD-RW (Qty 1) 16x DVD/RW DL Drive
    (Qty 1) 48x CD-RW Drive
    Network Card Gigabit Onboard NIC
    Wireless Card none included
    Audio Integrated HD full-duplex Audio
    Graphics 256mb PCIe nVidia Quadro FX 3500 Dual DVI or Dual VGA graphics Card
    HD Controller Integrated SATA/SAS Motherboard Controller

    i'm using it for heavy video editing,encoding,games,and serve.

    please educate me why choosing that syst. I'm looking here is the very high end xystem so don't bother the cost of builind those system.
    Also please give any advice or suggestion.
    Thank u very much for the help

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    Nov 2002

    Re: 2x QUAD CORE Xeon 1.86ghz E5320 verse Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition QX6700 Quad Core

    Speaking from someone who builds these kinds of server for IP based security systems I wouldn't go with the Xeons...

    Basicly if you have the skill level needed to get the system to acctualy use all 8 cores you wouldn't have to ask no offense

    The Xeons have quadaro cards, which are for renedering and 4-16 monitor setups, they will game, but not well.

    If all you are doing is editing exsisting video and gaming I would definatly go with the Duo extereme

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    Jan 2004

    Re: 2x QUAD CORE Xeon 1.86ghz E5320 verse Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition QX6700 Quad Core

    If you are playing games, the Core 2 Quad will be far superior to the second system you have listed.

    Most games won't take advantage of 4 cores, let alone 8.

    Quadros are horrible for gaming. They are expensive, and are setup for precision, not speed. You could probably flash it to a GeForce, but that would defeat the purpose of a quadro. 2x 8800GTXes would be about 4-8 times as fast for games.

    The fully buffered dimms of the Xeon have much higher final latencies (not necessarily timings) than standard DDR-II. Unless you really, really, need more than 4 dimms, the standard DDR-II is superior.

    The Core 2 Quad setup has superior audio, video, CPU, memory, and storage for gaming. It would also likely not be any slower for video editing and encoding. The only case where it would be inferior to the Xeon is for very heavy duty server uses.

    The second system is almost certainly a good deal more expensive. I don't care how big your budget is; get it and you are throwing away money.

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    Mar 2007

    Re: 2x QUAD CORE Xeon 1.86ghz E5320 verse Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition QX6700 Quad Co

    Lifesucks indeed,
    but looking at your prefered "weapons of choice" I kind of wonder why anybody would start comparing apples and oranges.
    This said, I will try to get a few points across that may halep to decide what you really want. Let's start with the fact that a server is not a gaming machine and vice versa. There is a possibility to get a decend machine to do both things at a time ( but why? ) A server is a computer (with the appropriate operating system) that provides services and/or computation power to clients (other PC's or users) whereas a gaming machine is a high spec PC (as in personal computer).
    No admin of a server would ever decide to play or even install games as software because then the server would become useless for his clients when used as a PC. Nevertheless you did ask for advice on the mentioned systems ( basically why not ask for a system configuration for your uses?), let's start with the system you really want (the gaming PC) system 1. This is besides the choice of the HTPC case a serious gamers machine which will give you loads of envious stares at the next LAN party and which will deliver striking performance for games. The HTPC case though you should reconsider, as you are trying to use a very high spec CPU that also happens to produce a high amount of heat, just as your choice of graphics cards. If you fit this in a "small" HTPC case you will suffer from heat issues and / or noise which is not really the way to go in case you were trying to use this as a HT (Home Theather) solution as well (which would then again be adding a banana to the comparison). Let's step further to teh "wannabe" server you had in mind. First off the processors "speed" doesn't add up if you have 1,86 GHz you will have 1,86 GHz no matter how many cores or procs you add (overclocking is more likely a way to get there, but not on a server). So if you really are using this as a server then first I'll have to ask why Windows XP and not server OS and second 64-bit?? You will not find a single game with 64 bit native support so all of them will run emulated (and that badly). Whatever it is you think you need as server functionality, just by looking at the components I know you don't need a server ( you would want data redundancy (RAID levels 1, 5, 10 etc.) in a server as well as backup devices and so on. I do also miss the one component syou seems to lack that would actually make up for throwing CPU power at video editing/ encoding which is a hardware video solution....
    OK I'll cut it now, maybe if you asked nicely what a good system configuration for your purposes is somebody here may be able to respond properly

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    Jun 2004
    Hamilton, New Zealand.

    Re: 2x QUAD CORE Xeon 1.86ghz E5320 verse Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition QX6700 Quad Core

    go with the first rig but forget about the htpc case. The components selected are amongst the highest heat producers available and will need a far better cooling solution. I hope you wern't expecting this to be quiet either...
    The 2nd rig is aimed squarely at a proffesional/enterprise solution and will not game anywhere near as good as rig 1. The video editing /encoding performance is entirely cpu dependant and i doubt you will be using software that costs in excess of $20000 to fully utilise the processing capabilties of rig 2. It's allready been said here that these are 2 very different computers and should not be compared in any way.

    If money is not a problem then i suggest 2 or even 3 computers individually tailored to a desired task Game, HTPC , Server.
    The server being the least needed ( what do you want to serve ?)
    If you only want to serve/stream media files then a nas box is probably a better option.

    Just my 2 cents... Enjoy

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    Mar 2004

    Re: 2x QUAD CORE Xeon 1.86ghz E5320 verse Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition QX6700 Quad Core

    The case Op is looking at is not small.It's actually Quite large.Measurements are 14.2'' x 13'' x 28.4'' (DxWxH).
    I have the same case but mine is the windowed version.

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