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    May 2003

    MSI 785GT-E63/PhenomX3 8450e- need a little help OCing

    MSI 785GT-E63/PhenomX3 8450e
    3gb ddr2-6400 / 600w thermaltake pwr / Ximatek 92mm Loki heatpipe - need a little help OCing

    Trying for a reasonable overclock hoping to get from 2.1 to 2.7 or more

    All voltages stock

    ACC disabled
    Core unlock - disabled

    CPU multi down to 6

    HT Link - X3

    Ram Divider - I am a little unsure on this. At first I thought it should be 1:2.66 but the # listed below showing actual freq.was much higher than when I changed to 1:1. So I left it at 1:1 (550mhz)

    CPU - NB down to x5 (1250)

    raised FSB with several steps to 275

    raised CPU - NB over steps to 1925

    raised HT - up to 2475

    raised CPU - Multi to 7.5 for 2060mhz

    If I try raising the cpu multi to 8 it will not boot.

    From the info given does it seem that I am starting out properly? I thought that I would be raising the cpu multi and possibly some voltages from here but I must have something set incorrectly.

    Any ideas?

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    Nov 2002
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    Re: MSI 785GT-E63/PhenomX3 8450e- need a little help OCing

    Your HT seems to high, don't bother raising it, make sure it is @2000 or less or even 1800 I forgot what was default HT for original Phenoms but probably 1800. Also make sure you NB clock never goes below the HT, system will not boot.

    As for the actuall steps follow these.

    1) Find max fsb first before anything else, just lower everything. Use OCCT cpu stability test and in the box where it says small,medium or high set it to medium. That should stress your NB and chipset.

    2) Once you have max fsb (I always lower fsb by 5 MHz of the max I found) then go for actual cpu clock, set fsb at max you found stable and work from there by raising cpu multi. This is tricky you may have to lower fsb again to find the sweet spot. Play around with ACC as well, it does help stabilize overclocks. Use small settings in OCCT for testing cpu clocks

    3) Once you have found max cpu speed and whatever voltage it took to achieve that, (do not go above 1.55, VRMs don't like that with stock cooling) then you can have fun with NB ocing, and take my word for it, AMD cpus fly with high NB speeds, difference is like night and day. Use medium OCCT setting again for testing NB clock

    4)The last thing you want to OC is RAM, I always save it for last and is also the most time consuming process, I would recommend lowering divider to a slower clock speed based on your fsb and tweak the TIMINGS, AMDs have always preferred tight timings to raw MHz speed. Now with the new FX series not so much since the FX seems to perform better @ 1866 speeds, but your CPU? Definatly go for tight timings. Use latest memtest+ 4.20 for testing RAM. You have to create a cd with iso image and boot with it.
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    Jun 2003

    Re: MSI 785GT-E63/PhenomX3 8450e- need a little help OCing

    Excellent advice, but be sure to bump memory voltage a bit if you tighten timing past stock rated. I OC'ed a 640 Athlon II to 3.6 with the same board stable a few years ago but it did take some work and lots of testing with OCCT. You will definitely get quicker windows operations with the tighter timings.

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