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    Aug 2000

    The SuperPI Hall of Fame

    Right, a different benchmark for people to compete on. SuperPI, version 1.5 . The run is the 8 million decimal places one - that keeps runs to a reasonable length, but gives a fair degree of differentiation.

    Please quote the full time to three decimal places. If you want to post screen shots, please keep them below 800 x 600.

    New rule: please indicate whether Intel or AMD. It's up to you whether you quote the full specs, but I'm going to tag whether times are Light or Dark Side.

    Unless you say otherwise, I will assume that the time was achieved with the rig in your "My System" details.

    The League Table reads as follows:

    1:22.709______posnea (Intel)

    1:35.562______loonym (Intel)
    1:36.440______HyperMinimalism (Intel)
    1:42.040______IGiveUp (Intel)
    1:48.531______Meridian (Intel)
    1:49.704______Jester (Intel)
    2:01.665______Explosive (Intel)
    2:10.719______MAD (Intel)
    2:15.689______0156 (Intel)
    2:19.281______Jipcee (Intel)
    2:20.281______oldtimer (Intel)
    2:30.093______Prsopector (Intel)
    2:34.562______xiz0r (Intel)
    2:38.766______Shadco (Intel) - running Linux.
    2:40.916______UncleBob (intel)
    2:41.141______AMD Fanatic (Intel)
    2:46.582______<RuReady> (Intel)
    2:50.688______Bio-Hazard (Intel)
    2:50.984______raducu68 (Intel)
    2:51.959______elvin (Intel)
    2:53.340______rubene66 (Intel)
    2:56.609______psyshack (Intel)
    2:57.653______Brantido (Intel)
    2:59.000______DAMF (Intel)
    2:59.813______Fluff n Stuff (Intel)
    3:00.015______MJD1964 (intel)
    3:01.281______HSDAddict (Intel)
    3:04.344______Athlonman (Intel)
    3:06.532______alex666 (Intel)
    3:10.594______tenax (Intel)
    3:14.469______Shadco (Intel)
    3:14.672______krose (Intel)
    3:14.938______baseball_55 (Intel)
    3:24.297______zerocool24 (Intel)
    3:28.484______minibeardeath (Intel)
    3:30.167______joe221 (Intel)
    3:31.188______Jay See Bee (Intel)
    3:32.032______RichUK (Intel)
    3:53.041______mpulliam (Intel)
    3:59.484______Electric Bill (AMD)
    3:53.672______MikeD (AMD)
    4:05.687______pershoot (AMD)
    5:07.969______TheTerror (AMD)
    5:09.125______onry (AMD)
    5:09.540______cwolv (AMD)
    5:10.110______greenmachine (AMD)
    5:17.437______uddarts (AMD)
    5:20.735______cabal_88 (AMD)
    5:31.156______jedihobbit (AMD)
    5:31.000______boratking21 (Intel laptop)
    5:40.253______Raybo (AMD)
    5:41.938______PSAHX (AMD)
    5:44.250______UncleBob (Intel)
    5:50.297______Meridian (AMD)
    5:52.125______peski (AMD)
    5:52.453______alex666 (AMD)
    6:06.125______UncleBob (AMD)
    6:41.235_______dangtx_ (AMD)
    9:20.782______grimmster (AMD)
    12:57.000______GIXXERGUY6 (very old AMD!)
    17:04.781______Fluff n Stuff (Intel Atom)


    OK folks, it's your turn.

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